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Orlando Training Site Is Ashford Global IT’s Most Popular

Orlando  Florida  USAApril 18, 2010

The Central Florida area, best known for its tourist industry, has become Ashford Global IT’s number one training site for Open Enrollment courses.

The popularity of the location is twofold. Orlando, FL, is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Students often bring their families with them. While the student participates in the class, his or her family can enjoy the many local attractions. For example, if a student books a three day training class, the student, together with his or her family, is free to enjoy the rest of the week at Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, or one of the many other local draws. Orlando is also the #1 worldwide travel destination for golf and one of the most popular destinations for shopping. Many of Florida’s breathtaking beaches are less than an hour away. Tourists willing to make the coast-to-coast drive may take part in one of the classic Florida experiences: watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean and set over the Gulf of Mexico in the same day.

Secondly, the Orlando training site is AGIT’s founding training location. As expected, it offers the most Business Training courses throughout the year with an emphasis on ITIL V3 Training, ITIL V2 Training, and Security courses. Inexpensive lodging and cheap airfare allow students to drastically cut costs while attending one of AGIT’s training classes. There is also a strong local demand in the area for training; the strengthening economy has encouraged area businesses from hospitals and banks to the Hospitality Industry giants to seek out ways to educate and empower their employees. All of these factors contribute to the broad training schedule available in the Central Florida area.

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