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Amazon’s Kindle: You Don’t Need a Book to Read

Old Glasses on Open Book, on Wooden TableWhile reading the coursework for my Project Management Professional (PMP®) class, a colleague sent me a link to download the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) to my Kindle. eBook readers are definitely time-saving gadgets, but, to be completely honest, they do have their faults. If you’re thinking of buying your own e-book reader, you should check out the following advantages and disadvantages:

The Advantages of eBook Readers

The biggest benefit of having an eBook reader is being able to carry many books at once without breaking your back. You can have hundreds of books stored on your device to flip through and read. Many of these gadgets, including the Kindle, allow you to connect to an eBook database to easily download books at low costs. With an eBook reader, you can read anywhere at any time. Most devices come with backlit screens that allow you to read in the dark.


The Disadvantages of eBook Readers

The downside side of each eBook reader depends on the device itself. For example, the Kindle only supports eBooks that are available on Amazon.com. Plus, many users have found its design to be ugly and large. However, one of the biggest faults in all eBook readers is clarity. Some readers may have difficulty reading the gadgets’ screens; thus, they still prefer books.

Yet, one thing is for sure – the horizon for eBook readers looks very bright, and probably with the latest models coming out, the shortcomings of the previous generation will be eliminated.

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