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Joy of the Week :Business Travel Tips & Stories

Business Travel TipsDo you have to travel for business? Do you find every trip a new adventure or a necessary evil? Love it or hate it traveling for work can have its pains and its pleasures.

Each week in the “Joy of the Week” category of our blog, Ashford Global’ s Trainers and Consultants share “one small thing” that can make your trips less of a torment to bare and more a delight to experience.

Tips, Tricks and Travails from IT Trainers and Consultants

From common sense tips to industry secrets, our road worriers have seen it all and will share their own personal experiences with you. Hopefully among our articles you will learn new tricks, have a few laughs and avoid the natural hassles that come along with frequent business travel.

With our compliments to you, we hope you enjoy Ashford Global Training and Consulting’s “Joy of the Week” business travel adventures.


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Jon is the Director of Training at Ashford Global IT.

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