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Joy of the Week: Who Said Nintendo DS Was Only for Kids?

Business professionalsDuring a recent break in my ITIL® V3 Service Transition Lifecycle class, I pulled out my Nintendo DS. A colleague saw me and joked about it being a toy.

But, truth be told, I believe adults should have one, too.

Adults Need a DS

Like other Nintendo gadgets, this is a masterpiece. It has a built-in microphone and supports Wi-Fi. It also comes with an extra large screen that definitely adds to the fun and excitement of any Nintendo game. However, in spite of all these functions, the whole thing is small enough to fit in any bag, which is a blessing because I can travel easily with it.

The games that are supported by the Nintendo DS are just as great. If you’re a bit nostalgic, you can always get a Super Mario game cartridge. However, if you want something a bit more grownup-ish, you can try any of these games:

  • Bleach: The Blade of Fate: Since I like action games and Bleach, this is one game I definitely recommend. This game offers multi-player mode as well as different characters that are programmed with the voices from the original cast.
  • Super Collapse: Remember Bejeweled? Well, this is a puzzle game that works the same way; that is, you arrange groups of colored blocks to clear the screen.
  • Brain Age Series: If you’re more intellectual, these games will challenge your brain. This will make sure that you excel at work (it has helped me focus during my course!)

So, the next time someone says that Nintendo DS is just for children, you know exactly how to defend yourself.

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