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Joy of the Week: If You Don’t Own a Car Navigation System, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

car navigation systemDuring my Relational Database Design course, I started discussing with my students how databases are implemented all around us, including in car navigation systems you can purchase nowadays.

Reflecting on that part of the lecture later, I started thinking about all the benefits of owning a car navigation system.

The Amazing Abilities of Navigation Systems

A car navigation system has the ability to locate where you are at the moment and guide you to your destination. You no longer have to be dependent on maps to help you find your way. And that’s not all! Some of the newer models of these gadgets can provide you with traffic updates and direct you around the traffic.

In addition, the car navigation system can help you find important locations in any city your headed to, such as the airport, hotels, or convention center. Because it is directly connected to a larger database, you will have access to a list of points of interests and their distances from your location. Thus, you won’t have to worry about not being able to read a map or go through the hassle of using a map as you drive.

Getting your own navigation system is quite easy, just head to your local electronics store.  But first, you must decide whether you want a portable or in-dash navigation system. The latter is more expensive and stationary, whereas portable systems are smaller, less expensive, and can be moved from car to car.

Once you purchase your own device, you’re going to become as dependent on it as I am that you will hate yourself for buying it so late in your life.

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