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Joy of the Week:Are You Still Paying A Handful of Dollars for Your Books?

Pen on the big book webWhile driving home from my Security Awareness class, a banner outside a nearby thrift store grabbed my attention. The store offered paperback books for only $0.25 and hardcover books for $1.

I went inside expecting to find some old books, but instead, I was faced with some of the latest and most popular titles around.

How to Buy Books for Cheap

While talking with the volunteer handling the books section, I discovered that the main reason behind the low price of the books:  the books were donated by their previous owners; thus, the shop didn’t have to pay for them. Plus, in many cases, the thrift store got these books back once their new owners read them.

Just the price alone may interest book fanatics to discover what thrift stores have to offer. However, that isn’t all! Here are three more advantages that buying thrift store novels can get you

  • Less Clutter – Living spaces these days are just too valuable to sacrifice. By buying a thrift store novel then returning it, you will be able to humor your literary needs while making sure that whatever space you have is free from clutter.
  • No Due Dates– When dealing with the library, you have to deal with due dates and deadlines. If you’re a slow reader or an avid one with less time, renting a book for a short period of time is not feasible. By purchasing a book from a thrift store, you can have the book you want for as long as you wish for a low price.
  • Helping a Good Cause – The cost of each book will be donated to charity; thus, you will be helping others out.

Keeping all these advantages in mind, try visiting a thrift store the next time you want to read a good book.

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