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Why There is a Demand for Learning ITIL®

ITIL® is the acronym for the IT Infrastructure Library®. It is a collection of publications for IT Service Management best practices. ITIL was created by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) of the UK government. In 2000, the CCTA merged into the Office for Government Commerce.

Created in 1980, the idea of developing ITIL came from the UK government as a response to the growing dependence on information technology in both the public and private sectors. One of the earliest versions of ITIL was the Government Information Technology Infrastructure Management (GITIM) which focused on service delivery and service support. By the 1990’s, many private companies as well as government agencies in Europe adopted the ITIL framework. In 2000, ITIL was used by Microsoft as the basis for its operations framework. A year later, ITIL Version 2 was released. In 2007, ITIL Version 3 was published. ITIL Version 3, also known as the ITIL Refresh Project, adopted a Service Lifecycle approach to IT Service Management. The ITIL V3 2011 version was published with its ownership listed with the HM Government, as the OGC eventually became part of the Cabinet Office.

In a nutshell, ITIL was created to improve the level of IT service quality in both the government and private sector. ITIL is used as a ready-made working model in organizations to obtain a standardized IT Service Management framework. It can be made to fit the particular needs of an organization and ensure that the organization is able to provide quality services to its customers. With ITIL, organizations can reduce costs and improve productivity. Well-known organizations that have adopted ITIL include NASA, HSBC Bank, UK National Health Service, and The Walt Disney Company.

At the same time, ITIL has proven itself to be beneficial to IT professionals in their field. With ITIL, IT professionals work with the same expectations and have a common set of principles, thereby preventing miscommunications and lowering the possibility of service failure or disruption.

These days, ITIL courses are being offered to those interested in learning key ITIL concepts and processes. ITIL courses will be helpful to IT staff, consultants, and developers, as well as business executives and key business users.

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