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Why IT Professionals Need To Take The ITIL® Foundation Certification Exam

Once the expense of owning computer systems became reasonable, companies began to look at other ways to cut cost and created an IT division with those employees that caught on fast and solved problems themselves. Many of us ‘computer geeks’ were in on that ground level and became the IT ‘go to’ person. Not any specific training or education was needed back in those days.

Today though, most of those companies have come and gone or were bought out by other companies. Staffs from both companies were combined, and if cutting staff was needed, the new owners were more likely to keep their own team. For IT staff to secure their spot, having that certificate for taking and passing the ITIL® Foundation Certification Exam would be a must.

ITIL is the acronym for the IT Infrastructure Library® and is a comprehensive framework for IT Service Management. ITIL is used by a variety of organizations worldwide.

So how does an old fashioned ‘computer geek’ become ITIL certified? Ashford Global IT offers an ITIL Foundation Certification training course that will introduce you to the world of ITIL. You will learn the five core disciplines of ITIL, key concepts and terminology, as well as be prepared to the fullest possibility to complete the associated exam successfully and much, much more.

You will be given a series of practice questions and practice exams. The test papers will have an explanation of every question as well as the correct answer. The practice questions and exam will help your confidence so that correctly answering the 65% of the 40 questions to pass on the real test isn’t daunting or intimidating. You are given 60 minutes to complete the 40 questions. By successfully completely this certification exam, you will have met the requirements for enrolling in ITIL V3 Intermediate Level modules.

This certification course is not only for IT professionals. Business managers and business process owners can benefit from becoming ITIL certified as well.

To learn more, contact Ashford Global IT today!

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