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Why Aren’t You Offering Employees ITIL® Certification Training?

ITIL Certification TrainingMany HR professionals and corporate training managers feel that the central goal of workplace training programs is simply to boost one’s organizational skill set. For instance, firms commonly seek out and implement course regimens that help them complete specific projects or prepare for upcoming endeavors, but few actually focus on personal certification.

Buck the trend by offering your employees the chance to enhance their personal skillset even as they learn techniques and methodologies that facilitate your corporate goals. ITIL® Certification training is the ideal way to ensure everyone gets something worthwhile out of professional development.

The Value of ITIL Certification Training

In the today’s tech world, your clients have infinite options concerning their choice of an IT service provider. As such, it’s not enough to simply declare that your firm adheres to ITIL principles; if you really want to compete, you’re going to have to prove such claims. Because ITIL Certifications are awarded to individuals and not companies, it’s in your best interest to help your team members earn their spurs.

True, you could just hire people who already have ITIL Certifications, and you probably do so whenever possible, but these highly talented individuals usually come at a steeper cost. In addition to demanding top salaries, staff with existing certifications may be harder to acquire simply because they’re so in demand.

Nurturing your workforce by helping them pursue qualifications, on the other hand, is a great way to engender loyalty by investing in your workforce and boost your firm’s reputation among clients and potential hires alike.

What Should Your Certification Training Entail?

You’ve established the importance of training your staff within the ITIL Framework, but that doesn’t mean your work is complete. In order to use the framework effectively, your organization will require individuals with diverse skills. It’s essential that you devise a comprehensive training program that allows you to find a middle ground between your employees’ needs and your firm’s.

Consider the fact that any IT services your future customers demand will probably require service desks. Training your staff to implement an appropriate ITIL service desk management strategy is a critical task, but it doesn’t outweigh the need for training in other areas.

For instance, your service operations team manager may also want to gain mastery of change management so that they can improve known deficiencies and better respond to requests. If you adopt a narrow-sighted approach to ITIL training or simply don’t go far enough to help your employees become certified, your service desk implementation will become as deficient as your knowledge.

Planning Your Training Practices

Unfortunately, your organization isn’t simple; no one’s is. Your staff’s already diverse skill set means you’ll need to choose educational programs and resources on a case-by-case basis. Although you can probably get away with departmental training, ITIL is too detailed for uniform corporate regimens.

What’s the secret to instituting ITIL Certification training more effectively? Your training must be tailored to the feedback you receive from your workers, meaning your training provider has to be willing to adapt.

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