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Why Are CDPE®-Accredited Individuals Essential?

Process Design WorkflowProcess design is one of the most essential parts of implementing a viable ITSM® framework. Firms need to understand how to come up with systems that they can maintain, and this requires foresight, experience and dedication to defining best practices.

The Certified Design Process Engineer, or CPDE®, training qualification was established to help high-level employees design, tweak and improve critical processes until they adhere to organizational requirements.

The Need for a New Qualification

ITSM frameworks like ITIL® predate the Certified Design Process Engineer qualification, but the need for such accreditations were already well established. Industry players had long observed that many of the existing ITSM frameworks failed to provide discrete steps for designing processes.

Before, process design engineers relied on makeshift techniques to keep vital service components aligned with organizational goals. The new qualification changed the game by identifying which of these methodologies worked and standardizing the way they were implemented in real-world situations.

What Do Qualified Employees Bring to the Table?

People who have earned their CDPE credentials use a number of tools and techniques to ensure that processes are consistently being optimized and employed in a constructive fashion. Some of these important methodologies include:

  • Using flexible flowchart strategies to make sense of complicated or changing processes
  • Automating individual process components to minimize the need for time-consuming, direct intervention
  • Associating design models with actual process elements and deliverables to facilitate widespread organizational understanding of planned strategies
  • Creating metrics that reflect vital info and improve performance-related communication
  • Troubleshooting processes throughout the service lifecycle
  • Developing standardized definition documents for custom processes

Some of these techniques may seem familiar due to their application in various disciplines. The CDPE Certification, however, approaches them from a uniform standpoint that ensures certificate holders can apply them to specific ITSM framework-oriented goals.

Complementing Larger Frameworks

CDPE accreditations aren’t made to stand alone. Qualified employees use these credentials to improve their knowledge of ITSM and work towards the Expert Level.

Many employers institute Certified Design Process Engineer qualification requirements for staff who manage workgroups and oversee critical interdepartmental communications during shared tasks. Because they learn how to plan services with the big picture in mind, these key players can perform more accurate assessments of how processes need to be applied and modified for superior performance results. This, in turn, allows organizations that apply ITIL frameworks to do so more effectively even if they need to make changes along the way.

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