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Who Needs an ITIL® Certification?

Team Working at LaptopsIn the world of information technology, ITIL®, or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is the gold standard. Implementing the ITIL service lifecycle, and its five important stages, can transform the way that you do business and improve the efficiency of your operations. However, some business owners and managers aren’t sure whether all employees truly need to earn an ITIL Certification.

Discover who makes the ideal candidate for ITIL Certification as well as who can benefit most from the completion of training.

Customer Service Staff

Often, customer service professionals are overlooked when it comes to ITIL training and certifications. However, customer service is an integral part of the ITIL framework, and it will be difficult to implement the practices or achieve success without having customer service agents onboard.

To reach that end, it makes perfect sense to have some or all of your customer service staff earn an ITIL Certification. A basis ITIL Awareness of ITIL Foundation program can be a wonderful place to start and a way to introduce the system to individuals. Another option might be to enroll customer service in a course like Service Strategy, which discusses how to provide services to customers and clients efficiently and effectively.

Department Heads and Department Managers

Even if you’re not inclined to formally train all of your staff in ITIL, you should at least ensure that the department heads or department managers have earned their ITIL Certifications. These department heads should be in communication with one another as part of the service lifecycle, so they need to be aware of how to stay in touch and where their department falls within the cycle.

Overall department heads may benefit most from earning a certification like MALC, or Managing Across the Lifecycle. Less advanced options suitable for department managers include courses like Continual Service Improvement, Service Design, Service Operation or Service Transition.

IT Professionals

Many of the businesses most interested in the implementation of ITIL are information technology firms. If your company focuses on an alternative field, you can still benefit tremendously from the ITIL framework. In that case, however, it might be best to have your IT professionals earn an ITIL Certification.

This ensures that they are fully aware of how to embrace and teach the ITIL mentality in everyday work. This is especially true when it comes to disruptions, interruptions in service or anything other problems and incidents that crop up. If your IT staff has an ITIL-based protocol in place, they can be better prepared to recover quickly and have an efficient plan for continuity.

New Employees

Your business might have already undergone a complete implementation of the ITIL principles. In that case, it may be new hires that can benefit most from an ITIL Certification. An introductory course like the ITIL Foundation program or ITIL Awareness can be a beginner’s pathway to embracing ITIL and understanding how its various tenets impact everyday activities in the workplace.

There are all kinds of employees who can benefit from earning an ITIL Certification through Ashford Global, but some of the best candidates include new employees, IT professionals, managers and customer service agents.

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