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When Should You Turn to Virtual ITIL® Training?

Training SessionITIL® training is available in many forms, and there are several fascinating courses available that can help everyone from entry-level staff to top executive managers. Whether your company wants to explore the ideas of ITIL at the highest levels or simply introduce the broad concepts of ITIL to all personnel, the right ITIL program can make all the difference.

Many companies opt to have trainers come in person and instruct participants, but in today’s modern world another option is virtual ITIL training. Find out whether your business could benefit from ITIL training in a virtual format.

Do You Have Participants in Multiple Locations?

Perhaps the most convincing reason to go forward with virtual ITIL training is if you have participants who are not located in one space. If everyone enrolled in the program works in the same office building, then coordinating them to all attend a live training session might not be too challenging.

When participants live and work in multiple locations throughout a city, the country or even the world, however, such coordination is nearly impossible.

Through the potential of virtual training, participants in multiple locations can learn about ITIL together, receive the same lectures, communicate with one another and end the course at the same time through an online exam.

Do You Lack a Central Training Space?

Another reason to consider virtual ITIL training is if you are unable to provide a suitable central training space. Some companies will be able to arrange for the use of a large training or conference room that can hold all the participants comfortably as well as the trainer, but that won’t be a necessity.

As an alternative, companies can arrange for each participant to complete the ITIL training right from their desks or even the comfort of their own homes. As long as each participant has access to the Internet, a computer and headphones, they can benefit from the course and all that it has to offer.

Do Participants Want the Flexibility of Online Training?

Businesses can undoubtedly benefit from implementing ITIL in the workplace, but personnel enrolled in the requisite training courses may not always immediately see these advantages. Therefore, it makes sense to create a comfortable learning environment conducive to a receptive audience. By offering employees the option of completing their ITIL training virtually, you might actually be helping them to be more engaged and learn more in the process.

Do You Want to Save on Travel and Hosting Expenses?

A common reason for companies to turn to virtual ITIL training is because it has the potential to save money. While the costs of in-person and online training are essentially the same, the virtual option can reduce travel and hosting costs.

This applies both to the trainer in question and to the employees and participants that may have to travel in order to attend a live training session. In the case of week-long sessions, this can add up to substantial savings for a business.

With the help of Ashford Global, your company can make the most of the many courses and certifications available through virtual ITIL training.

Contact us today to discuss the training options to best fit your needs.

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