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What is An ITIL® Super User?

Most companies don’t realize this, but there are some employees in their organizations who qualify as Super Users under the ITIL® framework. It is not the Service Desk that forms the first line of support in IT departments – it is the Super User. Their role is so important that they have a formal designation under ITIL. Any company – large, medium or small – must be able to identify these Super Users among their work force.

Definition of a Super User

Super Users are explained in detail in the Service Operation book of the ITIL publications. The exact definition and characteristics of a Super User can be found in Section of the aforementioned publication. In short, a Super User is someone who understands business and IT processes very well. He/she is a business user who works closely with the IT department – especially the Service Desk.

A Service Desk is an important concept in ITIL and is responsible for handling all reported Service Events. These Service Events can be reported via the telephone, web applications or automatically from the IT systems. It is a vital part of the IT department of any organization and should be used by all IT users as their single point of contact on a daily basis.

The role of a Super User is multi-faceted. Super Users can help improve, maintain and initiate communication between the IT and business divisions in the organization at the operational level. They should be included and involved in new releases and their rollouts, training programs for employees in their area, as well as providing support for minor Incidents and Request Fulfillment.

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