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What Are Your ITIL® Foundation Training Options?

ITIL Foundation Certification Training ITIL® Foundation training is an initial stepping stone, but it can lead to much greater things. Increasing organizational awareness of your corporate IT mission will heighten the success rate of your future tech-driven endeavors.

Teaching your staff more about how their actions impact your organization’s profitability will drive increased productivity and improve the way your existing projects function. Of course, it’s vital to consider which form of ITIL Foundation training will benefit your firm the most.

Think about the following alternatives:

Learning in a Classroom or Training Lab Setting

This traditional model may not be the best solution for higher-level subjects that benefit from hands-on exercise and individualized practice, but it’s great for ITIL Foundation training. Because this is a general-level course designed for anyone, standardized instruction can be delivered successfully in a typical setting without much trouble.

Training at Your On-Site Location

On-site training takes classroom learning one step further by making it easier for your team members to attend their classes. You still get the same benefits from structured learning sessions, but now you don’t have to hunt people down or become some kind of logistics genius to deliver uniform information.

Learning Online or Assigning Self-Paced Training

Remote instruction is a viable method of ITIL Foundation training. Many firms employ it in an attempt to impart knowledge faster and accommodate diverse schedules. Some organizations, however, feel they’ll be better served by a workforce that has a guaranteed common understanding of essential ITIL concepts.

While it’s not impossible to achieve such a state via online training programs, you may have to implement increased oversight to make things work smoothly. For instance, although the Foundation course is relatively short, companies that want their employees to train on their own time may also decide to incorporate additional online quizzes or skills assessment exercises that let training managers confirm their progress. Such strategies may also make it easier for your students to prep for the ITIL Foundation exam.

Choosing the Best Training Menu

How do you know which kind of training program will best suit your organization? Most smart training managers typically gauge two main factors: time and expense.

Naturally, you want to implement an affordable training regimen, but it’d also be nice if it generated quantifiable returns. Since most organizations that provide ITIL Foundation training continue by offering advanced ITIL courses for at least some of their employees, it’s easy to gauge the fiscal benefits of training specific teams and individuals. In short, the most fiscally sound Foundation training plans are those that target the right workers.

When it comes to time, there’s no universal logistics solution, but responsive scheduling is usually the best way to implement a workable curriculum. An on-campus Foundation course could serve up some valuable insights into how your staff absorbs ITIL knowledge. Learn from these experiences to plot a better-informed course to ITIL mastery.

Your introductory ITIL training has the potential to facilitate your business goals. Let Ashford Global IT consultants acclimate your staff to the essential tenets of the framework so that you can take full advantage of its benefits.


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