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Using IT Service Management from the Very Start

IT services are essential factors in the modern business world, but corporate governance is severely lacking in many firms. You need to treat your IT services like any other asset with a potential for ROI; optimization is key, and it’s only possible through recognized IT Service Management frameworks like ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library®).

Identifying Needs Associated with IT Services

One of the first steps in implementing any kind of IT service is defining the need that necessitates it. IT Service Management takes this a step further. Instead of simply saying that you want to create an IT service that provides a user with access to your catalog, for instance, the ITIL framework teaches you to define factors like who the users are and what level of access they need. Adopting this in-depth approach in the very beginning is critical to the long-term success of your service, and it ensures that your goals are more clearly defined.

Defining a Strategy for IT Deliverables

IT services are extremely variable. Although all the user will see is the deliverable end products, it’s up to you to decide how they get there. While you could simply focus on creating the initial service and go from there, this approach leaves too much room for later failure.

Use IT Service Management along the way to define a comprehensive strategy that allows you to deliver your services more consistently. By being methodical, you’ll find that it’s much easier to expand your service features and ultimately generate the ROI you’re aiming for because you aren’t backtracking as often to rework or add features that you didn’t think of before. ITIL frameworks identify numerous areas of potential need and ask you to rise to the challenge. With a framework, it’s much easier to cover all your bases or at least retain some awareness of where your IT products may be deficient.

Managing the Lifecycle of Information Technology

Keeping up with each IT service throughout its lifecycle is extremely important. You can’t expect to satisfy consumers by giving them something half-baked, and failing to ensure your products consistently meet changing demands is just as bad. Conversely, you can’t afford to keep sinking money into improving an IT service with no clear end in sight.

IT Service Management frameworks like ITIL give you a firm middle ground to stand on because they teach you how to retain a sense of self-perspective as your service matures and give you the knowledge to anticipate future changes. By educating your organization on the IT Service Lifecycle and how to continually improve your products as well as your management methods, ITIL coursework makes it easier to satisfy both your users and your budget constraints.

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