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Unifying Your Workforce with ITIL® Awareness Training

Classroom TrainingFor many people, the hardest part of learning a new field is getting started. Because the concepts involved are often completely unfamiliar, they represent the largest stumbling blocks. This is especially true of IT Service Management, where new players have a difficult time learning how to quantify and evaluate their progress. By implementing simple ITIL® Awareness training in your workplace, however, you can make sure that your entire staff can play a role in delivering and improving the IT services that your business revolves around.

Breaking the Ice with Essential IT Concepts

ITIL Awareness training programs take large concepts and break them down into digestible chunks. These training seminars are usually only one day long or so, but they help participants define essential ideas like IT Service Management and IT-Business alignment.

The importance of defining such concepts can’t be overlooked. For instance, many people don’t really understand what IT Service Management is, making it hard for them to see the value of internationally accepted frameworks like ITIL or any other management framework, for that matter. It’s important to use ITIL Awareness training to help make these broad concepts more relevant to all of your employees.

Defining Benefits of the ITIL Framework Clearly

Another positive factor of ITIL Awareness training is that it serves as a motivator. While you and your upper-level, ITIL-certified staff have no problem understanding why you implement ITIL standards to create, deliver and improve services, the standardized functions and best-practice processes you mandate may just seem like extra work to your staff members who don’t know why they’re important.

ITIL Awareness training presents the benefits of these essential intermediary steps clearly. It uses real-world examples and case studies to demonstrate how implementing the ITIL framework leads to higher efficiency rates and overall improvements in workplace efficacy. It also briefly addresses the ROI differences between different kinds of IT Service Management techniques and uses the financial gains they provide to justify their usage.

Learning the ITIL Lingo

Of course, ITIL Awareness training is just an introduction, but it imparts trainees with a general understanding of the ITIL Service Lifecycle. Along with the key terminology ITIL Awareness training participants learn, this general knowledge makes it easier for your managers and support and delivery personnel to communicate more effectively with your ITIL-certified leaders who perform critical tasks.

Making Things Go More Smoothly with Quality Training

You’ve got an idea and the knowledge to implement it, but if the rest of your staff can’t keep up, they won’t do you much good. Use workplace ITIL Awareness training programs to ensure that your Service Design, Strategy, Transition, Operation and Improvement stages pan out as planned.

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