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Understanding IT Operations Management

Business impact analysisIT Operations Management is the ITIL® function responsible for an organization’s day-to-day operational activities that are needed to manage and maintain the IT infrastructure.  This is done to ensure that services are delivered at the agreed upon level.  IT Operations Management focuses on:

  • Ensuring that machines and applications installed in an IT organization are working properly
  • Implementing and executing programs that are beneficial to the organization
  • Differentiating short-term and long-term activities and work according to the requirements of the organization
  • Distributing work according to the skills and resources of the personnel
  • Arranging training for the staff to sharpen their skills
  • Promoting services that have the potential to boost the growth of the organization
  • Ensuring that the cost of the investment is always less than the generated amount

There are two main functions within IT Operations Management:

  • IT Operations Control: This function will provide centralized monitoring to make sure that routine operational activities are carried out.
  • Facilities Management: This function is the management of the physical IT environment, including computer rooms and data centers.

IT Operations Management ensures the stability and consistency of the IT infrastructure and IT services by maintaining the organization’s day-to-day activities and processes.  This Service Operation function carries out regular analyses and notes the developments required to improve IT services.  IT Operations Management also provides prompt diagnosis and resolution for any IT operations failures that occur.

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