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Understanding and Using the ITIL® Service Definition

Network AdministratorAccording to the ITIL® glossary, an IT Service is basically a means of providing consumers with value by achieving the outcomes they desire without saddling them with the risks and costs of ownership. This definition is useful because it reflects the fact that modern consumers expect high levels of performance and well-managed services that operate as requested without user-end tweaking or tinkering. Learn more about ITIL here.

While such expectations do indeed mean that your network administrators and software coders have to be on their A-game, they also require that your oversight strategies are flawless. Here’s how to implement the ideal ITIL Service definition in your workplace to your firm’s advantage.

Building on IT Basics

ITIL Foundation Level training teaches participants about the Service Lifecycle stages that transform services from mere concepts to actual deliverables. From there, the ITIL Intermediate and Expert Levels help you hone in on the specific actions you’ll need to establish as routine if you want to make the IT Service Management process your own. Further modules and qualifications increase your staff’s mastery of career-specific tasks and issues, but it’s important to get everyone on the same page first.Software Code

Have your employees participate in at least basic training. By teaching your workforce to define your IT services in terms of recognized ITIL concepts like Service Assets, Service Analytics, Service Catalogs and Service Capacity Management (SCM), you’ll ensure that they understand what’s going on as you move forward.

Using the ITIL Service Lifecycle as a Guide

Your firm’s actions need to be well-timed if you’re to profit from them. For instance, you can’t deliver IT services before you’ve established service contracts, Service Desks for users and prepared some kind of service failure analysis (SFA). The ITIL training you put into place now will teach your employees to put all the parts together properly before taking your costly IT service projects out for test runs.

ITIL Service Lifecycle schema also help with planning by defining projects in relation to their essential components. The fact that these vital parts are usually easily relatable to budget constraints also means that you can use your preparations to implement cost-analyses right from the start, reducing the amount of fiscal backtracking necessary later on.

Gain True Comprehension of Your Performance

Service level is a very important ITIL concept. This measurement of your achievements against specific targets is essential to meeting customer expectations. Service Level Management (SLM), a continual process of negotiating agreements with consumers about acceptable service levels and ensuring that they’re met, is an important business function that everyone you employ must take part in, no matter how far removed they seem. Read more detail on SLM here.

Remember, it’s no good to establish arbitrary metrics with no standards of meeting or exceeding expectations. Instead, use ITIL Service implementations and strategies to optimize your firm’s professional output.

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