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Transition Planning and Support

The Transition Planning and Support process involves the orderly transition of a new or changed service into actual production. This involves planning and managing personnel and resources to ensure that the requirements specified in the Service Design Package are fulfilled.  This must be done while recognizing, managing, and limiting risk.

The main objectives and goals of the Transition Planning and Support process consist of:

  • Ensuring there is appropriate capacity and resources to package, build, test, and deploy the new or changed service into production within the predicted cost, quality, and time estimates.
  • Confirming that everyone applies the same standards throughout the Service Lifecycle.
  • Providing comprehensive planning throughout business operations.
  • Providing support to the Service Transition teams and any other persons involved.
  • Planning and regulating the Changes that are implemented.
  • Reporting any issues, risks or any other deviations that may occur during Service Delivery.

Key activities in the Transition Planning and Support process include:

  1. Setting up a Transition Strategy
  2. Preparing for Service Transition
  3. Planning and Coordinating Service Transition
  4. Supporting Service Transition

If Transition Planning and Support is carried out effectively, a service provider’s ability to handle high volumes of Change and updates will improve.

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