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Train for the ITIL® Foundation Course Today!

With organizations cutting down on costs by reusing available technology and hiring professionals for IT maintenance, the number of IT development projects has shrunk. Focus has increasingly shifted towards IT maintenance projects resulting in demand for IT service professionals. IT Service Management is the realm of aligning the delivery of information technology services with the needs of the business with emphasis on benefits to customers. There is a need for models that govern IT Service Management, and the IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) is one of them.

What is the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)?

ITIL is an approach to IT Service Management that consists of the best practices for managing and supporting IT services to the business. It is a framework for aligning the IT services according to the needs of the business and serves as a crucial element to core business practices. This model helps organizations capitalize on IT for business transformation and growth.

ITIL supports the IT departments in running cost-effective programs that improve service delivery to the business. Performance can be improved on a continuous basis by planning and implementing consistent, documented and repeatable processes. ITIL provides structure to the organization by outlining a comprehensive set of IT Service Management procedures.

The IT Infrastructure Library is divided into five core publications that help implement an efficient framework for IT Service Management: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement. These publications deal with all aspects of the ITIL Service Lifecycle, starting with identifying customer needs to implementation, monitoring and improvement of the services. As a result of ITIL, organizations can enjoy reduces costs, efficient IT services, enhanced productivity, and improved service delivery leading to customer satisfaction.

ITIL Foundation Course

ITIL offers certifications to individuals who seek to effectively implement the ITIL framework. The ITIL Qualification Scheme is divided into a series of certifications, one of them being the ITIL Foundation. The ITIL Foundation course is the basic and most popular of all the levels of certification. This entry level qualification is a step towards understanding the terms, concepts and key elements in the ITIL Service Lifecycle.

The Foundation course provides an overview of the ITL framework. It is a path for IT professionals to efficiently handle the IT tasks in a planned and organized way with additional training, delivering business value for organizations. The ITIL Foundation course is a prerequisite to the next level of certification: the ITIL Intermediate Level.

Online Training Options for the ITIL Foundation Course

Ashford Global IT provides two online training options for the ITIL Foundation course – Self-Paced and Virtual Instructor-Led.

The Self Paced class involves pupils being given access to the course material for a period of 20 days. Individuals will participate in the course and study the course material at their own pace. The Foundation Course exam is not included in this course.

The Virtual Instructor-Led course requires pupils to attend classes at scheduled times for 5 half-day sessions, usually scheduled 1pm-5pm EST.  It involves an online classroom session which includes a live instructor and classmates, along with interactions through chat windows.  The exam is included in the price of the course and is given on the last day of class.

For more information on the online training options for the ITIL Foundation course, contact Ashford Global IT today!


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