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The Upsides of ITIL® Online Training

ITIL Training for BusinessesITIL® is not a new concept in the world of IT, but many companies are still on the fence about implementation.

Despite overwhelmingly positive results in terms of increased efficiency, customer value and technological advancement, some companies aren’t sure of how best to train their employees without disrupting everyday jobs.

Instead of a traditional training course held onsite, many businesses are choosing ITIL Online Training. Find out more about the many advantages of this learning style and why it might be best for your business.

Employees Around the World Can Participate

Arguably the most beneficial aspect of ITIL Online Training is the fact that anyone, in any location around the world, can participate. While some traditional businesses may have all employees onsite during the same schedule, it is common in today’s world for some employees to work remotely or to have flexible hours.

Offering online training in ITIL for employees can make it easier for staff to be fully involved in the entire learning process.

Curriculum and Testing Remains Topnotch

One concern that business managers have is the quality of ITIL Online Training. Thankfully, there is virtually no difference between online and in-person training. The curriculum and materials will generally be identical whatever the medium of delivery, and the certifications are just as valid regardless of how they are earned.

Companies can rest assured that enrolling employees into an online training program will have the same benefits as any other format, making it an excellent option for any enterprise ready to take the next step and begin ITIL implementation or train high-level managers in advanced ITIL concepts.

More Comfortable Participants

It is increasingly common for participants in training courses to feel more comfortable participating online than in person. To start, participants can work from any location where there is an Internet connection, which means that they can find a comfortable and quiet spot conducive to learning.

In addition, participants in these training programs might feel less pressure than in a one-on-one or large group environment.

Flexible and Convenient Training Times

Typically, online training programs are organized to be all-day events that resemble the traditional work schedule. This might be 9-to-5, in some offices, or a similar arrangement that works well for both the trainers and the participants.

However, there is also a great deal of flexibility for corporate clients. You might opt to organize the ITIL Online Training for a typically quiet time of the year, or you could arrange for half days to better accommodate learning with the normal work load of employees.

Can Accommodate Groups of Any Size

Another definite advantage of choosing ITIL Online Training for your company is being able to enroll large groups into a single training program. If you would like to introduce the key tenets of ITIL to the bulk of your employees through an Awareness or Foundation program, for example, getting everyone in the same room at the same time would be tricky. However, everyone with access to a computer screen can still participate.

Whether you have a handful of managers spread across the globe who are ready to become experts in ITIL or you want hundreds of entry-level staff to learn the basics, ITIL Online Training from Ashford Global is the perfect solution.

Contact us today for more information about scheduling your training.


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