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The Significance of an ITIL® Foundation Certification

Corporate TrainingITIL®, or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is being embraced as the industry standard in the world of IT. The framework established through the best practices of ITIL can transform companies and ensure better productivity and increased customer satisfaction. ITIL training starts at the introductory level and goes all the way to the expert level, which may be a path suitable for managers or those overseeing the ITIL implementation period. All employees, however, can benefit from earning the ITIL Foundation Certification.

Introduction to ITIL Concepts and Vocabulary

An ITIL Foundation Certification training course takes just three days to complete, and it serves as the introduction to ITIL as a whole. There are no prerequisites for the course, and any employee with a working knowledge of the IT industry will be able to benefit from the program as well as the certification. Throughout the dynamic three-day program, participants can expect to get a working knowledge of ITIL and why it is so important to their business.

In addition, they will become familiar with the terminology used in ITIL, which makes it easier to explain concepts and implement new ITIL strategies in the future. If your company is gearing up toward ITIL implementation for the entire staff, then having everyone complete the Foundation program is a smart way to ensure everything goes well and the transition is as smooth as possible.

Presents Case Studies to Better Understand ITIL in Action

Learning about the principles of ITIL is important, but also integral is seeing those principles in action. Part of theITIL Foundation program is about giving participants case studies and having them apply ITIL theory. This is a solid preparation for real life, when employees may need to draw on new ideas and plans based on the tenets of the ITIL framework.

Highlights Individual Roles Within the Lifecycle

A significant portion of the ITIL Foundation Certification program will be devoted to an in-depth look at each of the five stages of the life cycle: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operations and Continual Service Improvement. Each participant will be encouraged to pinpoint where in the lifecycle their daily tasks might fall.

Someone responsible for planning and developing new services and software, for example, might find that their duties are squarely in the Service Design and Service Transition categories. On the other hand, someone who works exclusively in customer service might recognize their role in the Service Operations category.

Sets the Stage for More Advanced ITIL Training

At the end of the three-day program, which is offered as an onsite course or an online course, students will have the chance to take the examination. This exam is made up of 40 multiple choice questions, and everyone will have one hour to answer at least 26 of those questions correctly in order to pass.

For some employees, this exam will conclude ITIL training. For others, it serves as a stepping stone to more advanced study.

Employees at every level can benefit from earning the ITIL Foundation Certification and being ready to implement the strategies they learn in daily operations.

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