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The Right Reasons to Begin ITIL® Training

Training and DevelopmentWhether you’ve heard ITIL® being discussed in a podcast or at a conference, you’ve been reading about the framework in industry blogs or you’re just ready to try something new to boost efficiency in the workplace, you might be interested in implementation. For implementation to be successful, businesses should first invest in ITIL training.

When executives, managers and entry-level staff are all on the same page, it will be easier to implement the tenets of ITIL.

That being said, it is important that you initiate ITIL training with the right goals in mind. Here are just a few of the right reasons to begin ITIL training at your business.

To Improve Customer Service and Satisfaction

Arguably the best reason of all to begin ITIL training is so that your company can do a better job of providing services to customers. Of course, having satisfied customers can do a lot for your business, but it is also the right thing to do to ensure happy customers.

Embracing the five phases of the ITIL lifecycle and creating protocol for better service means creating a better brand image and getting more positive word of mouth referrals from current customers.

To Create a More Efficient Workplace

Another great reason to have staff enroll in ITIL courses is so that they can help create a more efficient workplace. One of the biggest ways that companies lose time is when something out of the ordinary occurs.

Whether this is a minor incident or a major recurring problem, these events can cause chaos. Employees might not be sure how to act, who to report to or why the problem matters.

Through ITIL training, protocol can be established for the most common errors as well as significant service disruption, which can go a long way to improving efficiency when it is needed most.

To Cut Costs in the Long Term

Business owners and managers who want to cut costs in the next days and weeks may shy away from ITIL training because of the initial expense. In reality, however, these courses have the potential to save businesses a substantial amount of money in the long run.

The initial cost of training will be far outweighed by the increase in efficiency among staff, the targeting of services that customers truly want and the positive reviews that will almost certainly increase customer retention rates and new conversions.

To Grow as a Business

Smaller businesses eager to expand often suffer as the number of employees grow. The problem may be that training is not universal, and some newer employees are less familiar with the company ethos or the standard protocol.

Unfortunately, just one poor customer service experience can result in unhappy customers or the loss of a client. By having staff participate in ITIL training courses at the introductory or foundation level, you can be sure that everyone is on the same page and ready to help the company succeed.

Right here at Ashford Global, we can help you figure out which ITIL training programs and courses are the best choice for your business plans and future goals.

Contact us today and let’s schedule your training.


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