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The One Decision That Could Save Your Service Management In 2014

Professionals working in service management, operations, or other IT fields are often tasked with improving the organization’s service management. That’s one reason it’s important to be aware of trends, developments, and critical issues within the service management industry.

Read on to discover one method that is helping successful organizations update their core industry knowledge and gain a competitive edge over other companies.

How To Turn Corporate Training Into Bottom Line Results

Corporate training for staff and management that is designed to increase IT efficiency and productivity is fast becoming the “secret weapon” of industry-leading companies worldwide. After all, making a reasonable investment that translates to better quality products and services is almost a no-brainer.

The thing is, if you want to see service management and ITIL® best practices go beyond IT industry or IT function within an organization, it’s important to make corporate training available to all stakeholders.

That’s one reason why leading companies choose to provide IT training to their employees. Many are specifically looking to invest in training to assist staff with ITIL Certification. Options for training include onsite at a business or online virtual with a live classroom instructor.

Fast-Track Your Process Improvement

Process improvement is a part of organizational development in which a chain of actions are taken by a process owner to identify, analyze and improve existing business processes so the organization can better achieve its goals and objectives. These aren’t necessarily IT objectives. They can range from goals such as increasing profits and performance to reducing costs and accelerating schedules. Process improvement can also be used to introduce process changes that will improve the quality of a product or service. This obviously helps companies to better meet customer and consumer needs.

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library—more commonly known as ITIL— practices are intended to help companies recognize areas where they could do with improvement. ITIL also provides vendor-neutral guiding principles on exactly where to make specific changes. This helps companies to reduce costs and increase productivity.

ITIL Certification gives people the tools to make the company better, not just fight fires or manage emergencies. It can equip employees to begin looking at how they can do their work better. History shows that companies that commit to genuine process improvement want to learn what causes things to happen in a process. They in turn use that knowledge to lessen variation, eliminate activities that contribute no value to the product or service produced, and ultimately, improve customer satisfaction.

Training That Aligns Business Processes With Business Goals

Since aligning the business processes to better realize the organization’s goals is critical, companies who want to hit the ground running need to be asking themselves “How do we do it better?” This is an area where having employees and management trained in ITIL can really be useful.

ITIL certs are recognized the world over. In fact, the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has become the international standard for IT best practice. According to recent surveys, the best ROI for firms in the current economy is to be keep up to date and build up an understanding of how ITIL can save time and money. A specifically tailored training program can to meet your individual company’s needs and goals as well as prepare staff for ITIL Certification.

Ashford Global IT (AGIT) is a leading global provider of corporate training in many IT areas including ITIL. Contact them to discuss the training options available to best fit your needs.

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