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The ITIL® Process Helps Your Organization Implement ITIL Faster and at a Lower Cost

The ITIL® framework is a methodology that defines how to successfully implement Service Management with the assistance of Knowledge Management. It has been said repeatedly that only what is tracked and measured really matters within an organization’s culture. Using the ITIL process helps an organization to establish a baseline from which it can plan, implement and measure moving forward.

The benefits of utilizing ITIL are numerous, but first and foremost, ITIL is a set of operational directions for companies that offer IT service. A major benefit of ITIL is that these directions are not “standard” in the typical sense because they can be customized for each organization’s specific needs. Additionally, these directions help clarify people’s jobs, ensure compliance with important security and government rules, and increase efficiency through standardization and automation.

The Biggest Challenge with ITIL

One of the biggest challenges of implementing any lasting organizational change is getting everybody on the same page. ITIL is no different in that regard. Not only will management need to be on board, but all other stakeholders within the organization need to be in sync with the initiative.

Clearly, aligning IT services with the needs of the business is in everyone’s best interest. But, if everyone within the organization is not 100-percent committed to embracing ITIL, it will be difficult to realize the maximum benefit of the ITIL process.

How then to reach a consensus that taking advantage of the ITIL process is the best direction for the business?

The secret weapon leading organizations use

It’s human nature to resist change and to fear what we do not understand. One of the best methods for dealing with this is education. In fact, corporate training is the way leading organizations in every field get their stakeholders in agreement. When everyone clearly understands what is at stake, the benefits of the change, and what they need to do to help out moving the business in a new direction is much easier.

Because ITIL and IT Management in general are always changing, employees need to be able to adapt. When it’s time to begin implementing new technologies and processes, research shows that training people helps them understand exactly what they need to do. Employee training programs can be highly effective in situations such as this.


The ITIL process can help your organization implement ITIL faster and at a lower cost. When everyone knows what to do and where to turn for guidance or additional information, the organization will reap the benefits of using the ITIL framework.

Not every employee needs to be an expert on ITIL, but having a basic understanding of what ITIL is and how it can be used to improve IT Service Management will enable the organization to stay agile.

When IT is aligned with overall business strategy, the entire organization will be in sync. Using ITIL can instill a culture of continuous improvement. When key metrics are tracked and employees have a framework for decision-making, the benefits will be realized across the organization.

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