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The ITIL® Foundation Certificate is the Stepping Stone for a Lucrative Career

Standard operating procedures and best practices when it comes to computer architecture, networking, and software are extremely important in office and business environments. As such, ITIL training, certifications, and qualifications are in high demand in both public and private sectors. In many respects, ITIL® training is seen as the benchmark for IT professionals. Obtaining the ITIL Foundation Certification can start a rewarding career for any aspirant.

ITIL stands for the Information Technology Infrastructure Library® and is concerned with the concepts, provisions, and best practices in the realm of information technology. ITIL Version 3 was launched in 2007. The ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme has four levels: Foundation, Intermediate, Expert, and Master. ITIL Foundation is the basic level and lays the groundwork for the processes, procedures, activities, and roles studied in-depth in the advanced courses.

To earn the ITIL Foundation Certificate, one must pass a certification exam. The exam has forty multiple choice questions that must be answered over the course of an hour. Candidates must successfully answer at least 65% of the questions in order to earn the Foundation Certificate. The ITIL Foundation Certificate is a prerequisite for further ITIL Certifications and qualifications.

Once a set of procedures adopted by IT professionals solely in the UK, today’s global reach of ITIL training, U.S. included, means that its methodologies are embraced and encouraged. As a result, ITIL training courses are held around the world. Ashford Global IT (AGIT) is one company that offers ITIL training in Florida and throughout the United States. Students can choose to enroll in open-enrollment courses, on-site training, or virtual instructor-led training.

Ashford Global IT is confident in its instructors, course materials, and quality of its classes. Therefore, AGIT offers a guarantee that in the event that a student does not pass an ITIL Certification exam on his or her first attempt, AGIT will provide a voucher so that the student can re-sit for the exam. Instructors will be available to answer any queries the student may have. Additional material will also be provided if the student requests it. Lastly, the exam candidate can re-attend an open enrollment class at no cost.

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