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The ITIL® Event Management Process Keeps Operations Moving Successfully

ITIL Event Management ProcessAs the business world becomes more automated, the need for having methods in place to handle the day-to-day business operations that depend on technology operations is crucial. A popular method that many businesses have embraced in recent years to assist with the use of technology as a primary business operational tool is IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®).

The use of this method has helped many businesses successfully move and integrate the use of IT services as a central focus regarding business operations.

Handle Events More Effectively

With an increase dependency on technology, businesses that utilize ITIL have found that the  Event Management Process portion of ITIL is a very useful aspect concerning the overall success rate pertaining to ITIL Service Operations. In general, the Event Management Process is an extra attribute that is used to identify a procedure that helps utilize technology to handle events in a more effective and successful manner.

In relation to ITIL, an event is any noticeable occurrence that has importance regarding the distribution of IT service, assessment of the effect a variation might cause to the services, or the administration of the IT infrastructure.

Moreover, there are three separate routes that can be taken concerning event management in relation to ITIL, which are:

  1. Informational: This route includes events that generally should be logged for possible upcoming analysis that includes confirmation regarding whether the service is performing in the expected manner.
  2. Warning: This route includes actions during service design where upper ranges are recognized that are used to help determine the status of a system. When the upper ranges are reached, selected groups are informed that the upper ranges have been reached.
  3. Exception: This route is set aside for configuration components such as software, hardware, or a service that is not working properly or has failed.

The Use of The Event Management Process

ITIL offers a defined structure of the best practice options for IT administration. However, instead of the conventional concentration of IT on technology administration, ITIL acknowledges IT as a supplier of services. This shift in thinking is a powerful moved from the traditional standpoint that has been established for IT, but this is one of the primary reasons why many businesses have embraced the use of ITIL.

The Event Management Process has proven to be a way for organizations to improve other ITIL processes. In recent years, its use has been extended so that it can be used with Incident and Problem Management regardless of the ITIL version.

Moving Forward

As businesses move forward, the use of technology to improve overall business operations will become more and more crucial to the success of many businesses. The use of methods such as ITIL prove invaluable because the methods offer IT organizations the opportunity to place an emphasis on providing IT services.

Moreover, with the core components of ITIL, the use of processes like Event Management allows IT organizations to drastically improve business operations through a structured framework.



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