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The Financial Benefits of ITIL® Service Operation Training

Technology Training SessionThere are hundreds of different and compelling reasons that businesses might decide to adopt the ITIL® infrastructure.

Some businesses might appreciate that it delivers better results to customers or that it cuts down on inefficiency among staff.



Benefits of ITIL Service Operation

Other businesses might enjoy the streamlined process of creating and delivering services. At the end of the day, however, it is universally true that a definite advantage of the ITIL principles is the chance to save money and boost business earnings. Lower expenditures and increase profits by enrolling your staff in an ITIL Service Operation Program.

Raising Efficiency = Decreasing Labor Costs

Enrolling staff into a three day course with a focus on Service Operation can be an effective way to boost the budget simply by increasing employee efficiency. Over the course of the ITIL Service Operation Program, participants will work through a variety of industry-tailored scenarios, helping each employee to better understand how to apply the ITIL principles into everyday tasks.

Instead of pausing to think about how to respond to problems that arise with service delivery or client responses, employees will be trained to respond immediately and tackle problems on their own and without the need for additional staff or a lot of financial support. This boost in efficiency cuts down on the need for additional labor costs, saving IT service companies money in the long run.

Customer Satisfaction = Customer Retention

A key benefit of ITIL Service Operation Training is ensuring that customers and clients can see the full value of the services that your business provides. If customers don’t see the value in your services, they may decide to patronize a more affordable company instead.

When they see that your business delivers optimal services and great communication efforts, they can see your value. Although the dropping and picking up of new customers is natural in any business, there is no question that higher rates of customer retention will boost your company’s bottom line.

Better Incident Management = Better Client Reviews

Part of Service Operation is knowing how to handle incident or problem management. The process for responding to an incident, for example, involves investigating the incident, diagnosing the issue, testing out potential resolutions and then figuring out what changes to make to ensure that the incident won’t or can’t occur again.

Being able to quickly and deftly respond to and fix incidents show clients the superiority of your business. This, in turn, provides better retention, positive reviews and the chance to gain more clients and bring in greater levels of income.

Service Operation Assessment = More Reliable Budgets

One of the most important components of an ITIL Service Operation Program is understanding how to assess and evaluate the success of each Service Operation as a whole. Measuring performance is key in order to determine which processes are worth the effort and which are boosting profitability for the company.

By understanding what services are financially beneficial, you can eliminate those Service Operation Programs that aren’t successful, don’t boost revenue or receive poor reviews from clients.

ITIL Service Operation is a key stage of the lifecycle, and a better understanding of it can help businesses boost income.

If you’re ready to find out how easy it is to enroll employees into an ITIL Service Operation Training Program from Ashford Global, contact us today.


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