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The Business Case for Virtual ITIL® Training

Online Employee TrainingMost organizations are looking for an edge over their rivals in today’s global business environment. Typically, the major focus is on strategies, products, and technologies. However, there is a strong business case for investing in learning and training.

As you’ll see, business training makes good business sense. You can find options ranging from onsite training to virtual, instructor-led training to enhance the skill levels of your employees.

Treat Your Employees Like Microsoft®

Although many businesses don’t think they have the resources to compete with industry leaders, they may be operating under a misconception. It’s not necessary to compete directly in every area. But, there is one area where all businesses can operate on an even playing field with larger firms.

Major companies like Microsoft and Deloitte® are investing in employee training and development, specifically in virtual training. You can benefit from following their lead and investing in your business’ most important resource—its people.

Increase IT Efficiency and Lower Organizational Costs

Because the IT world is changing so quickly it is nearly impossible for employees to keep their skills and knowledge base up to date if new information can be relayed only in person.

One way to increase the efficiency of information technologies and reduce organizational costs is investing in virtual business training. For example, many people choose virtual ITIL® training as the method for learning about the IT Infrastructure Library, more commonly known as ITIL.

Offering employees training will prepare them to do their jobs better and also help them manage large projects and deal with unexpected business challenges. Employees who are educated with respect to technology can help improve business practices throughout the organization.

Why Online Employee Training Succeeds

In the past, in-person training was the most effective form of training available. It beat correspondence courses and self-study options hands down. With the advent of the internet and subsequent technologies that’s no longer the case. More and more of the American and global workforces operate on a mobile basis. This shift makes online or virtual training an optimal choice for many businesses.

Virtual, instructor-led, live training is cost-effective, scalable, and most importantly, successful. Online training streamlines knowledge sharing since students can have real-time interaction with other students and the instructor through chat windows.

Cost/Benefit analysis will show business leaders one of the advantages of virtual training. Because the business isn’t incurring costs for travel cost and significant downtime the cost differential between a virtual environment and a live classroom setting can be significant. Organizations can either implement the most efficient, cost-effective training tools available or risk being left behind.

If you would like to learn more about options for virtual, online IT training across a variety of certifications and methodologies, Ashford Global IT is a leader in training and consultation to businesses of all sizes. Contact them today to discuss your training needs.


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