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The Benefits of the IT Infrastructure Library®

ITIL Expert CertificationAs businesses start reviewing their customer service and IT systems, the benefits of ITIL® can clearly be seen. There are five phases of service within the ITIL V3 framework: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement.

As ITIL is integrated throughout every department, there is a more cohesive approach to meeting customer – AND company – needs. IT no longer needs to be viewed as a cost burden; it can now be seen as an improvement to the bottom line. There are several benefits of ITIL as a whole.

Implementing ITIL has Benefits

First, ITIL provides a framework for IT policies and procedures that will work throughout the entire company. This consistent set of processes will identify weaknesses and offer proactive improvements instead of waiting until an issue develops. With shortened resolution times, permanent solutions can be achieved.

Second, ITIL improves communication between IT and other departments. This eliminates redundancy, and technicians can learn from previous experience. As the information is integrated throughout the company, there is improved support. Instead of upgrading IT infrastructures after a need is recognized, ITIL best practices aim to predict requirements and have them in place before they are needed. Furthermore, as management roles are clearly defined, the company will be able to reduce IT costs as well as improve IT service quality. When information technology is efficient and reliable, the company sees a greater return on investment.

Another benefit of ITIL is an improvement in the availability, security and reliability of IT services. As companies become more and more dependent on technology to stay ahead of their competitors, its IT demands will grow. The ITIL framework can help ensure the technologies are developed to meet the needs of current and future customers.

ITIL can also contribute to improved user performance, which increases business trust. Oftentimes, companies are wary of change and how it will affect the business overall. As regulations change and affect IT processes, businesses which have implemented ITIL can easily adapt to new requirements. With increased efficiency and productivity, there will be less disruption to business operations because of service failures.

Overall, a key benefit of ITIL is the connection between customers, businesses and IT services. ITIL has helped organizations cut costs and improve IT Service Management through its tried and tested methods and processes. ITIL V3 not only optimizes the value of capital investment, it also focuses on building and managing a portfolio of services for the business.

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