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The 7 Step CSI Process

Continual Service Improvement (CSI) is an important way for organizations to constantly improve their services and business operations as well as remain up-to-date in an ever changing business environment.

The 7-Step CSI process comprehensively explains how to address service improvement in any organization; however, it is advised that before implementing this process, the business should be clear on their vision, strategies, and goals.

The 7 steps in this process are:

Step 1: Define what you should measure

This is a very important step which identifies what should be measured, and this is done within the Service Strategy and Service Design phases. This establishes exactly where the company is at this point in time.

Step 2: Define what you can measure

This step helps to determine which areas require improvements by defining what can be measured. The IT capabilities and budgetary constraints of the organization are quickly identified which makes the measurement for other areas easier.

Step 3: Collecting Data

At this point, quantitative data is collected which allows for comparison. This data is usually collected from service operations as this is where the progress of the organization can be analyzed. It is important to note at this stage no decision can be made as it is purely analysis.

Step 4: Processing the Data

The data that was collected is now processed and organized according to different categories. This allows business personnel to better understand the data as well as for easier analysis of the data.

Step 5: Analyzing the Data

It is at this point that the data will become information as it is carefully analyzed and becomes meaningful reports. These reports are examined to find service gaps, trends, and overall impact on the organization.

Step 6: Presenting the Information

At this stage, the information is presented to the relevant stakeholders of the organization. This presentation should include the results of the analysis to determine if the business has attained its goals or not. If the business has not met its goals, then the reasons must be stated.

Step 7: Implementing Corrective Measures

Using the knowledge gained from this process, corrective actions can be implemented to improve and optimize service operations.  At this point, the 7 Step CSI process begins again with the organization evaluating where they are now.

In essence, the 7 Step CSI process is quite important in identifying where in the operations enhancements are needed.

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