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Technology-Specific Training Valuable to IT Careers and Businesses’ Bottom Lines

ITIL Training for BusinessesTechnology-specific training and certification is so valued by IT staff and managers that companies looking to attract and retain the best employees are offering more and more training options. An InformationWeek survey of more than 14,000 IT staff and managers found that 48 percent had attended company-paid training at some point in the last year.

It’s clear that IT pros prize training and that the best companies support their workers’ educational and career goals. A top training framework offered to employees by today’s businesses is ITIL®. Not only does ITIL training benefit employees, it helps businesses too.

Training courses, like those that prepare employees for ITIL Intermediate Certification, are important because the three key inputs to any successful project are people, process and technology. Technology-specific training and certification helps improve all three areas.

4 ITIL Intermediate Benefits Businesses & Managers Might Be Forgetting

ITIL Intermediate is an investment in the organization and the human resources. ITIL Intermediate level has a modular structure with each module focused on a different area of the ITIL framework. Candidates can take as few or as many Intermediate qualifications as they feel they need. The Intermediate modules go into more detail than the ITIL Foundation level modules do.

Additionally, ITIL Intermediate is an industry-recognized qualification that denotes a thorough understanding of the most widely adopted framework for IT service management in the world.

ITIL Intermediate offers various benefits for businesses, including:

  • ITIL Intermediate equips employees to excel in IT Service Management. ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to IT Service Management in the world.
  • If IT processes and IT services are implemented, managed and supported in the appropriate way, the business will be more successful, suffer less disruption and loss of productive hours, reduce costs, increase revenue, improve public relations and achieve its business objectives.
  • Employees looking to transition into management or team leader positions where they will need to work across teams or manage multiple capability areas can prepare themselves with ITIL Intermediate Certification by developing a broad management focus of ITIL practice areas.
  • People seeking intense, specialized, process-level knowledge on the day-to-day execution of ITIL practices can benefit from the Service Capability modules.

How ITIL Intermediate Can Boost a Business’ Bottom Line

Since Intermediate streams assess an individual’s comprehension and application of the concepts of ITIL, IT pros seeking the ITIL certificate in IT Service Management, and ultimately an Advanced Service Management Professional Certification, should definitely seek training for ITIL Intermediate.

Not only do employees at the Intermediate level have a grasp on key concepts, terminology and processes of ITIL, they understand the full essence of a lifecycle approach to service management. This means they’re equipped to help their organizations with Continual Service Improvement, Service Strategy, Service Design and Service Operation and Support.

Consistent, repeatable processes are the secret to optimal business operation and employees with a firm understanding of the ITIL framework will be best equipped to help the organization with process improvement.

ITIL Adoption is Critical to Businesses Employees

Information is the most important strategic resource that any organization has to manage. The majority of top 10 management priorities are directly related to the benefits of implementing ITIL best practices, so ITIL adoption is likely to continue.

Investing in technology-specific training and certification like ITIL Intermediate Certification benefits employees and businesses alike. Contact Ashford Global IT to discuss scheduling IT training for your employees.


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