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Teach Staff the Basics Through ITIL® Awareness Training

Technology TrainingIf you are planning to implement the principles of ITIL® into your company’s IT service management, then it is important to ensure that every employee is familiar with the concept.

From entry-level staff to upper management, a cohesive approach is integral to proper adherence to ITIL theories.

Thankfully, there are courses available for every step of the way. Those who need an introduction to ITIL can benefit most from a training course in ITIL awareness.

Determining the Right Candidates for the Program

ITIL awareness courses are considered to be the introduction to the principles of ITIL. That means that nearly anyone who has not yet studied the subject can benefit from participating in the program.

Businesses often enroll their entry-level employees who work in IT and can benefit from having a better understanding of IT service management and ways to increase efficiency in the workplace.

However, it is not unusual for management to participate in ITIL awareness training programs. After completion, they will be ready to tackle more advanced courses, and they will be familiar enough with the basics to take on bigger challenges in the future.

Objectives for Participants

The primary objective of the ITIL awareness course is to familiarize participants with what, exactly, ITIL really is. Secondary objectives will include understanding the value of ITIL, knowing how ITIL practices can translate to the workplace, knowledge of the key phrases and terminology relating to the framework and an appreciation for how ITIL can improve the efficiency, standards and service of an IT department.

Curriculum Covered in the Training Program

In order to reach each of the objectives listed above, an ITIL awareness course has a full curriculum for its participants. Typically, the course starts with an introduction to ITIL and a definition of the most common terms used in the practice of ITIL. Then, participants might examine the life cycle of service management and get to know each of the five stages.

Students will also get the chance to determine where in the life cycle their job fits as well as how to modify their current protocol in order for it to better fit within the ITIL framework. In this way, the program is a general one that explains the basics but also a tailored course where each participant gets a practical understanding of how to implement what they have learned into a real world, everyday scenario at work.

Logistics of ITIL Awareness Courses

An ITIL awareness program offered by Ashford Global is designed to be completed over a single day. Typically, the course will begin at 9am and go until 5pm. The program can be completed in the place of business and be led by a trainer, or it can be completed virtually.

There are no prerequisites for the program, which means that anyone can participate. All students will be given copies of the course materials that they can keep and refer to later on. Unlike many ITIL courses, the awareness program does not include an examination.

ITIL awareness programs from Ashford Global serve as the perfect introduction to ITIL principles for the staff of any IT-focused corporation. Contact us today to set up your ITIL training.


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