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Should Your Staff Have ITIL® Master Qualifications?

ITIL Master CertificationOne of the main reasons you train your staff is so they can handle jobs requiring advanced skills. Unfortunately, your resources may be limited and only a few of your employees will ever attain the highest levels of certification.

Credentials like ITIL® Master Qualifications are uncommon indeed. As such, it’s up to you to manage your workforce and take advantage of any talent you discover. Begin by instituting general training, and work your way forward from there, offering Expert and Master-level courses to those who demonstrate the most promise.

Unique Qualification Procedures

As the highest level of ITIL Certification, Master qualifications do more than simply sum up all the credentials that precede them. They’re specifically designed to prove that candidates can adapt the ITIL framework to solve real-world business problems.

Unlike other ITIL candidates, Master applicants have to submit formal applications to PEOPLECERT, the organization responsible for administering most ITIL exams. These submissions must include project proposals for improving actual businesses as well as work packages with detailed evidence supporting said projects.

The entire process concludes with a formal interview by an assessment panel. Candidates who perform well in this last stage get their certification.

Training for Non-Traditional Exams

Training managers who want to help their staff seek ITIL Master qualifications are commonly stumped by the format. Don’t assume that simply reviewing previous ITIL content will suffice. It’s impossible for candidates to succeed by adopting a typical study approach; instead, they need to act as both the test-giver and the test-taker in identifying a problem and suitable solution.

One of the best methods of training your leaders for the top ITIL credentials is to help them learn in a hands-on manner. Letting your staff train under the wings of more experienced seniors or spearhead new projects in a controlled environment may be the easiest way to teach them to think about ITIL in real-world, comprehensive terms.

Because this qualification is all about gauging how the candidate employs ITIL techniques, your employees should always be ready to think on their feet.

Master Qualification Isn’t for Everyone

With limited training resources, the only way you’ll be able to create a manageable program that imparts your staff with valuable skills is to decide early on who should go for high-level qualifications. No, you don’t want to overrule your workers’ individual decisions about their career paths, but you’ll definitely find it useful to suggest productive avenues of training that align with your corporate goals.

Deciding how your organization can best make use of individuals with ITIL Master Certifications doesn’t have to be a difficult task. By working with consultants who understand the nuances between different qualifications and know how professionals employ ITIL in their daily work, it’s possible to invest in your workforce with a training menu that facilitates advanced project management and keeps your staff happy with the credentials they earn.

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