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Service Validation and Testing as an Integral Part of ITIL® V3

In ITIL® V2, Service Validation and Testing was not discussed in detail; this topic was only addressed as quality assurance but no further details were provided. However, in ITIL V3, Service Validation and Testing is examined in depth.

What is Service Validation and Testing?

The basic concept behind Service Validation and Testing is to ensure that all the products and services offered by an organization are of the quality mandated in the Service Design module. These products and services need to be fit for purpose and fit for use. If products and services are not properly tested, further incidents and problems may result, and added costs may be incurred.

Unlike Evaluation Management, Service Validation and Testing does not deal with the quality of supplied services and products. Rather, Service Validation and Testing can be referred to as an initial process of product development. Before the products are sent into mass production, the Service Validation and Testing department has to approve them.

Importance of Service Validation and Testing

In the Service Validation and Testing process, organizations create a test policy and a test strategy in order to examine their services before the services are produced and finally released. These tests will demonstrate the usage, utility, and reliability of the services. Service Validation and Testing also helps organizations set warranty targets and Service Level Guarantees. Service Validation and Testing is the responsibility of distinct groups which are created for the purpose of validating products.

What Will You Learn From the Service Validation and Testing Module?

This module teaches students about the contributions Service Validation and Testing can make in the progress of an organization. Students will learn the different testing perspectives such as test requirements and conditions. SDPs (Service Design Packages), which highlight the key elements of a successful service test, will be examined in detail. Students will also study the various activities involved in Service Validation and Testing including Validation and Test Management, planning and designing a test, verifying a test plan and design, preparing the test environment, testing, and evaluating the test results.

The following are some of the major concepts that will be covered in the Service Validation and Testing module:

  • Risk Policy
  • Release Policy
  • Change Management Policy
  • Service Quality Policy
  • Service Transition Policy

Who Should Learn Service Validation and Testing?

IT professionals who are either on the managerial level or wish to advance to that level should study Service Validation and Testing. QA managers or personnel in QA departments in IT organizations should learn about Service Validation and Testing to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Service Validation and Testing itself is not a qualification; rather, this process is studied in the ITIL V3 Service Transition course and the ITIL V3 Release, Control and Validation course. In order to enroll in either the ITIL V3 Service Transition class or ITIL V3 Release, Control and Validation class, professionals must possess the ITIL Foundation Certificate.

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