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Service Operation Processes: Problem Management

Red Successful Arrow Overcoming CRISIS Word BarrierProblem Management is one of the processes that you have to understand in order to fully comprehend the Service Operation phase of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle. ITIL is a great framework for any IT department or organization, and the Problem Management process is a critical part of that structure. Problem Management refers to the management of all Problems throughout the Lifecycle, including the prevention of Problems and Incidents through proper operations and activities that promote an error-free environment.

Problem Management includes all of the activities that are required to diagnose the cause(s) of Incidents as well as determine the resolutions to Problems that occur within the organization. This process is also responsible for implementing the resolution through the appropriate procedures including Change Management and Release and Deployment Management.

Problem Management maintains information about Problems, resolutions, and workarounds so that the organization can reduce the impact and number of Incidents over time. When you are aware of the history of a Problem, creating solutions and preventing future Incidents becomes much easier for any organization. Proper Problem Management supports a more successful ITIL framework as a whole.

When it comes to value, Problem Management offers many benefits to the business or organization. These benefits include increased availability of IT services, enhanced quality of IT services, reduced downtimes and disruptions, increased productivity of IT staff, reduced expenses on repairs or resolutions that aren’t effective, and reduced expenses for repeat Incidents.

There are two areas of importance in Problem Management: reactive and proactive processes. Reactive processes refer to resolving Problems after an Event occurs. Proactive processes are the Problem Resolutions that are managed and created to help with Continual Service Improvement, which is a critical part of the Service Lifecycle for any organization.

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