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Service Operation Functions – Application Management

Application Management is one of the many functions in the Service Operation phase of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle. This specific area of focus holds a dual role. It is the keeper of expertise and technical knowledge regarding applications, ensuring that the knowledge that is useful to IT Service Management is known, refined, and developed to create the best possible environment for success. The second role of this function is to provide resources to support the Service Lifecycle.

Application Management ensures that everything is in place, everyone is properly trained, and improvements in applications are made to help support and deliver IT services. The Application Management process involves identifying requirements as well as designing, building, deploying, operating, and optimizing applications for the organization.

The objectives of Application Management include:

  • Supporting the business processes of the organization by identifying functional requirements and manageability demands for the application software.
  • Assisting in the design and deployment of applications/software.
  • Providing ongoing support to those applications including continuous improvement operations.

When these objectives are met, Application Management is working successfully. Of course, understanding how to meet these objectives is also important. Organizations will achieve these goals by determining whether to build or buy an application, creating applications that are cost-effective and resilient, ensuring that functionality is optimal, and using technical skills for application maintenance, error diagnosis, and resolution.

When it comes to Service Operation, much focus rests here in Application Management because of how it affects the rest of the Service Lifecycle. Without this fundamental function, the rest of the Service Lifecycle will not perform as it should.

The ITIL V3 Service Operation and the ITIL V3 Operational Support and Analysis training programs are designed to teach all the elements of Application Management that you will need to understand including the use of and functionality that should come from proper management of IT applications. Organizations cannot have a complete and successful Service Lifecycle without the comprehensive and proper understanding and implementation of Application Management.

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