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The Service Desk provides a central point of contact for all the users within an organization.  A log is maintained here to record and manage all Incidents, Service Requests, and Access Requests that occur during service delivery. In addition, the Service Desk provides an interface for all the processes and activities within the Service Operation phase of the Service Lifecycle.

Some of the specific responsibilities of the Service Desk include:

  • Maintaining a log of all the Incidents and Service Requests and noting their priorities
  • Providing first-line investigation and diagnosis
  • Resolving the Service Requests and Incidents that they are able to
  • Escalating Incidents and Service Requests as necessary
  • Providing users with updates on the progress of their Incidents / Service Requests
  • Closing resolved Incidents and Service Requests
  • Conducting user satisfaction surveys

There are many approaches an organization can take towards setting up a Service Desk. This can be influenced by the size of the organization, how many clients are being served as well as the hours of operation.

For smaller organizations, a Local Service Desk may be ideal. This type of Service Desk is located close to the users it supports.  Another option is a Central Service Desk.  This type of Service Desk directs all customer communications to a single, specific location.  Some organizations prefer the Central Service Desk because it costs less, resources are used effectively, and managing a single Service Desk increases efficiency.  A Virtual Service Desk gives the feeling of a single, centralized Service Desk when, in reality, the personnel may be located anywhere in the world.  Another type of Service Desk is called “Follow the Sun.” With this structure, organizations will have Service Desks in different countries. However, those Service Desks will only be operational during the host country’s daytime.

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