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Service Catalog Management

The Service Catalog provides a single, accurate, reliable source of information about all the services that are provided in business operations.  The specific areas that are covered in the catalog relate to the details, status, interfaces and dependencies for any services currently in the live environment or being transitioned into the live environment.  The Service Catalog guarantees that it is always available to the persons who are authorized to view it.

Service Catalog Management is responsible for ensuring that a Service Catalog is created and supported and that the information contained in the Service Catalog is accurate and current.

The Service Catalog is comprised of two parts: the Business Service Catalog and the Technical Service Catalog.  The Business Service Catalog explains the details of a service in relationship to business units and business processes.  This is the customer view of the Service Catalog.  The Technical Service Catalog describes the relationships between the supported services, applications, and technical components.  This catalog supports the Business Service Catalog.

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