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Salt Lake City Businesses Improving IT Services with ITIL® Training

Business Best PracticesIT services are a vital part of any modern business, but they’re especially important to companies with presences in Salt Lake City, UT. In recent decades, the region has experienced massive population growth and accompanying increases in professional and business services, which currently make up around a fifth of jobs.

Such trends have resulted in the need for better Information Technology Service Management procedures in order to deliver IT services. As time has shown, ITIL® training is the business workforce improvement methodology of choice. Look for training courses by clicking here.

Better IT Services for Firms and Clients

One of the biggest hidden advantages of Salt Lake City ITIL training is that it helps firms improve their own processes. Although using a framework like ITIL certainly ensures that the IT services delivered to clients will benefit from decreased turnaround times, better applications and improved technical support, the same goes for internal departments and affiliates.

Firms like Target and Wal-Mart, both of which operate major corporate banks in the region, rely on ITIL Foundation and ITIL Intermediate training programs and certified employees to better their internal HR infrastructures and IT toolsets.

Improving Market Viability

Many of the up-and-coming small businesses in Salt Lake City, UT are competing with well-established multinational firms, like Iomega, 3M, Morgan Stanley, Sallie Mae, Marriott Hotels and Sprint. These new companies need to work harder to break into the market, especially considering the fact that certain service sectors are still somewhat handicapped by the market saturation that accompanied the 2002 Winter Olympics.

ITIL Lifecycle training helps these companies increase their overall competency levels so that they can actually make an impact. Lifecycle training lets them define their IT services as ongoing processes with clearly-defined parts and specific task requirements.

Implementing lifecycle-aware frameworks decreases operating overhead by tying specific IT service operations and management procedures to real-world efficiency measurements and progress tracking methods.

Comprehensive Improvement by Implementing the ITIL Framework

As a customizable framework, ITIL incorporates numerous processes that relate to numerous IT services stages, like planning, deployment and retirement. Salt Lake City firms that implement individual ITIL training requirements or provide workplace seminars find it much easier to deliver IT services that serve a wider range of needs with increased reliability. In addition, they retain the flexibility and control they need to adapt to changing market factors and direct their own improvement.

Ashford Global IT (AGIT) will be providing tailored ITIL training to Salt Lake City, UT businesses and individuals over the coming months. Visit www.ashfordglobalit.com to find out more.


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