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Role of ITIL® in Improving Information Security – Part I

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) defines a number of guidelines and practices that can help you in managing your organization’s IT services. The beauty of these policies and guidelines is their generic nature. This implies that you can apply these principles to practically any environment in the IT field and be assured of the results. ITIL is known to be a significant factor in managing Information Security. But you can also leverage its capabilities to improve Information Security. This article will highlight a few ways through which you can do so.

Improving Focus

One of the biggest problems that Information Security managers have noticed over the years is the lack of focus towards IT security. There is a general consensus that Information Security can hinder other business functions. Some even term it as a cost center that eats up funds. With ITIL, these misconceptions are eliminated. That is because the ITIL approach highlights the importance of each process in the organizational set up. IT and business process owners will ensure that the security is in place. This, in turn, makes sure that Information Security is maintained according to the business’ needs.

Improved Clarity in Implementation of Information Security

ITIL is very easy to understand and can be used for implementing Information Security. One of the causes for Information Security being considered as a cost center is the lack of a proper approach in its implementation. With ITIL, you can develop an approach that is clear and structured towards Information Security. With this approach, the implementation also becomes very easy, not to mention cost-effective. It is what ITIL experts call a transition from the ‘firefighting’ approach to a planned and structured approach towards implementing and managing Information Security.

Evolving Information Security Processes with Change in Needs

With Information Security, requirements change constantly, and you need to keep reviewing the processes to ensure that they are effective. ITIL gives you a clear cut approach to do that with its policies and guidelines. As environments, threats and requirements change with time, ITIL can help you adapt your processes while also ensuring that your Information Security is at its best.

Documented Processes Help in Understanding Effectiveness of Implementation

With ITIL, all the standards and processes that you intend to use are extensively and explicitly documented. These documentations include items like OLAs and SLAs. The good thing about this documentation process is that you can use them to audit and monitor your organization’s Information Security. This monitoring and auditing process clearly highlights how important Information Security is to an organization. Also, the audit brings up the effectiveness of the implementation that will allow the people who run the show to realize what is being done properly and what is not. Thus, it will influence the ‘people in power’ to comply with the standards and regulatory requirements that are associated with the implementation of Information Security.

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