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Redefining ITIL®

Stepping Away from the Mainstream HorizontalThe Information Technology Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) consists of a set of best practices for IT Service Management, IT development, and IT operations. It provides a practical framework to help businesses identify, plan, create, and support IT services.

To make ITIL sound even more appealing, here are some of the benefits you will receive if you implement this framework at your organization:

  • Enhanced IT Services ITIL covers all aspects of a service, starting with its design and all the way to its support. Thus, companies that incorporate ITIL will have better services to offer.
  • Reduced Costs – ITIL offers a framework that ensures quality service; as a result, you won’t have to spend more time and money correcting mistakes.
  • Better Customer Satisfaction – Service delivery is well defined in ITIL; thus, customers will get the best service from you.
  • Higher Levels of Productivity – With ITIL’s processes organizing your work, your production process will become smoother and the time spent on it will be reduced and your efficiency will increase.

Over the years, many important organizations across the globe have adopted the best practices of ITIL. Examples of such companies include Microsoft, IBM, and Shell Oil. If you want your company to join the ranks of other successful organizations, then you should become ITIL certified.

Ashford Global IT (AGIT) offers all the ITIL certification courses you will need. If you’re a beginner, you can choose to attend AGIT’s ITIL V3 Foundation class either in a traditional classroom or online. For those interested in earning Intermediate Level certificates, AGIT offers all the modules in the Lifecycle Stream and the Capability Stream. In addition, AGIT provides the ITIL Expert Level of certification for those who wish to demonstrate their superior knowledge of ITIL.

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