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Proving ITIL® Savvy Through the CPDE Certification

IT TrainingSimply memorizing the key definitions of ITIL®, knowing each stage of the lifecycle and advancing through the programs is not enough to demonstrate superior knowledge or the ability to lead an IT service company through implementation.

There are many different ways to take the best practices of ITIL and establish them in a framework that can suit a certain corporation.

Having one or more staff members enroll and complete a CPDE certification program from Ashford Global can ensure that your business has a practical and customization approach geared to your company needs.

What is CPDE?

CPDE stands for Certified Process Design Engineer. Earning the title of CPDE means that, as a start, you are well versed in IT Service Management ITSM. More than that, however, it means that you are aware of the need for change and a tailored set of processes to help a company’s protocol align with the ITIL set of best practices.

A CPDE is tasked with engineering processes that work within the framework and address each stage of the lifecycle in turn. In order to know when and how to change a process, CPDE professionals will also be able to analyze certain metrics and determine how effective something is before gearing up to make any meaningful changes.

What Does the CPDE Course Entail?

To start, a CPDE course will last approximately five business days, and the course will typically run during standard office hours for consecutive days.

However, the program is available in an online format for those companies who want to have employees participate from home or from several different offsite locations around the world. The CPDE program addresses process design and how IT service consists of changing roles that have to be adaptable in order to last.

Some key elements of the program that students can expect to cover include defining customer requirements, measuring service principles, gathering and showcasing meaningful metrics, assessing process success and understanding which tools can alter and improve an existing process.

Why is CPDE Important for Businesses?

In a nutshell, CPDE is important for businesses who have all the resources and information of ITIL available but need a customized approach to take it to the next level. CPDE is where theory transforms into reality for many IT service providers.

Embracing the processes of ITIL as a generic rule can set companies up for failure simply because the framework is a guideline, not something set in stone. Having an engineer ready to tailor the processes can better ensure that companies of any size have success when they take advantage of the infrastructure offered by ITIL.

Who Should Participate in a CPDE Training Course?

The CPDE training program and subsequent certification is not recommended for those just beginning their journey in ITIL. Instead, the ideal candidate would be someone who has completed either a Foundation or Awareness program as well as a course in the Service Management stream.

Prospective participants should be excited to think creatively and come up with solutions that merge ITIL and their business successfully.

Through the CPDE Certification training program, managers can be ready to tailor the principles of ITIL and adjust them as needed as their business grows and changes over time.

Contact us today and let us set up the training sessions you need for your staff.

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