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Prove Your Ability to Design Processes with the CPDE Certification

Hand writing training and development with a chalkOne of the most successful methods companies employ to improve their business is to improve their processes. All businesses use processes to define how work (manufacturing, development, finance, or services) is efficiently done. Because processes often affect many areas of a company, process engineers are trained in defining, honing and implementing processes to increase productivity and decrease costs.  Expert process engineers are increasingly valued by all facets of a business. You can become one of these experts with the Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE) Certification!

About the CPDE Certificate

The CPDE Certificate is one of the complementary qualifications for the ITIL® Qualification Scheme.  As a CPDE, you will have skills in:

  • Identifying process elements, models, usage and deliverables
  • Collecting and analyzing the needs of a process
  • Differentiating between creating, re-engineering, and improving processes
  • Identifying the roles and functions linked with process design
  • Creating a process definition document
  • Implementing and understanding flowcharts
  • Implementing automation within a process
  • Troubleshooting processes
  • Creating metrics and information out of raw data

How to Obtain Your CPDE Certificate

To earn your CPDE Certificate, you will need to pass the CPDE Certification exam.  However, in order to be able to sit for the certification examination, you need to hold at least one foundation-level certificate in IT Service Management (ITIL, COBIT, MOF, or ISO/IEC 20000). You will have 90 minutes to complete the exam. To earn your CPDE Certificate, you need to correctly answer 65% of the exam.

To prepare for the certification exam, enroll in a CPDE training course. This is where Ashford Global IT (AGIT) comes in. AGIT offers a five-day course that will cover the steps of engineering and reengineering quality, lasting ITSM processes.

Enroll today at AGIT and start your career as a Certified Process Design Engineer!

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