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Preparing Your Firm for ITIL® Foundation Certification

Employee ITIL Foundation Certification TrainingAlthough there are definitely harder tasks than obtaining an ITIL® Foundation Certification, it’s best to prepare in advance. This is especially true for firms that spend money educating groups of multiple workers. If you want to make the most of your training budget, you’ll ensure that your staff have everything they need to pass their qualification exams successfully.

While your choice of ITIL training programs naturally plays a role in your success, so do the resources you provide your students along the way.

How to Study the ITIL Foundation Curriculum

ITIL Foundation courses focus on delivering a broad body of information about the framework. Although your staff won’t have to go into a great deal of depth, they should expect to cover a lot of ground in a relatively brief time frame.

Organization is key. In order to gain familiarity with so many different concepts in rapid succession, firms often work closely with their training providers to devise custom syllabi and practice materials tailored specifically to their courses. If there’s less deviation between the actual classwork and the practice your staff does between lessons, they’ll find it easier to get a firm grasp on the core concepts.

Remember that your study sessions may be more effective if they maintain the same personnel groupings you normally employ on the job. For instance, letting individuals study in groups that reflect their regular teams and departments could help them support each other more efficiently and even increase the speed with which they tackle the material.

Preparing for Class

Prior to implementing an ITIL training regimen, it might be wise to review the Foundation courses you plan on following. Remember that although the course content will generally remain consistent, good instructors typically adapt their teaching styles to the needs of their students. Your decision to train onsite, remotely or according to a custom schedule may impact how your staff ultimately fares.

Also bear in mind that the ITIL Foundation Certification changes along with the framework over time. Those outdated practice tests you saved from a few years back might not cut it when it comes to today’s ITIL standards, and they could even cost your staff their certifications. Ensure that the materials you’re studying match the courses and exams you face by communicating closely with your instructor for the complete duration of the training process.

Is Your Firm Ready to Tackle ITIL Foundation Courses?

The way you train for the ITIL Foundation exam impacts how well your organization can leverage more advanced aspects of the framework in the future. ITIL training has been used to the benefit of all kinds of industries and entities from healthcare providers to government agencies, but the framework’s success undeniably revolves around well-executed corporate education.

Ashford Global IT staff have honed their training techniques to ensure that their students can master the basics with higher success rates and go on to do greater things. Contact them today to discover how to make the most of your ITIL Foundation training.

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