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Practical Benefits of ITIL® Training for Employees

Young Professional Woman in the OfficeEven if a business in the IT industry is already aware of the benefits of ITIL® Training as a general concept, it can be hard to take the plunge and invest in implementation. After all, making changes in a business of any size often requires significant financial investment, and employees typically need to set aside time for additional training.

While this might initially seem off-putting, there is no question that the investment will be worth more than any time, effort and resources it requires.

Discover some of the most practical and often immediate benefits that your business will experience when you enroll employees into suitable ITIL Training programs and start on the path toward ITIL implementation.

Better Communication Across Departments

One of the biggest benefits of ITIL Training is improved communication throughout the company. A huge problem in many companies, and a source of much wasted time, is not having a clear chain of command or vocabulary appropriate for common situations.

Entry-level employees have to determine how to describe an incident or problem, and they may have to repeat it three or four times in a row to different people before finding the right member of staff who can handle it.

Implementing ITIL after sufficient training means that all employees will be equipped with the right phrases and words to describe any situation, and they will know the exact protocol to follow should any incidents occur.

Higher Customer Retention Rates

One of your company’s most important statistics might be customer retention, which highlights both customer satisfaction and your commitment to ongoing support after an initial sale. An integral part of ITIL Training is the focus on Continual Service Improvement, which is one of the five stages of the lifecyle.

Continual Service Improvement means constantly tweaking and analyzing the success of products and services in order to determine what needs to change. All of this ensures that customers get the best attention and services possible, encouraging retention year after year.

Greater Efficiency in Each Employee

A key component of ITIL Training is outlining specific job duties and creating a plan of action for all types of events. This is an important way to boost efficiency, which in turn can reduce labor costs for a business. When employees know their roles and their duties, they are less likely to need managerial assistance.

If businesses have the goal of reducing employee hours slightly, or they want to expand company offerings without increasing staff, then increasing efficiency through ITIL Training might be the answer.

Ability to Handle Change Better Over Time

Perhaps the biggest indicator of long-term success for an IT company, or indeed a business of any kind, is their ability to adjust and change as needed.

Thanks to the series of phases in the lifecycle, many of which analyze service offerings and tweak them constantly to deliver the best to customers, change is built into the framework of ITIL. This gives IT businesses a competitive edge in the industry.

Through Ashford Global, your employees can get the right ITIL Training to boost business and bring these practical benefits to the workplace.

Call us today and let’s get your training scheduled.


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