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Practical Applications of OSA Certification

Learning New Technology SkillsOpting to operate according to ITILâ„¢ principles is a common and savvy move in the IT world. However, it is not as simple as deciding to restructure operations and embrace a new framework. Part of the equation is having individuals on staff who are trained and certified in business operations and support.

With an OSA Certification, which delves into operational support and analysis, participants will be prepared to pass the exam and pass on their knowledge in the workplace.

The OSA Certification training programs takes just five days to complete, and it offers a number of practical applications for the employers of participants.

Can Anticipate Risks Associated With ITIL Implementation

Perhaps the most immediately beneficial aspects of OSA Certification and training is that participants will learn how to identify potential challenges for ITIL implementation.

By knowing some of the most common risks for the industry, as well as how to combat them, someone trained in OSA Certification will be able to improve the process of implementation and bring to light problems before they are apparent to the company as a whole.

Can Reduce IT Service Downtime

For an IT business, downtime for customers is one of the worst things that can happen. Unfortunately, it is a part of operations, but cutting it down to as small a window as possible is certainly ideal. Individuals who have completed their OSA Certification will be familiar with some of the reasons that IT service downtime is necessary.

However, they will also be prepared to minimize that downtime. By learning some of the ways to prepare for downtime, as well as the ways to boost efficiency, someone trained in OSA will be able to get back online and operating faster than ever before. This is a positive thing in just about every respect, because it makes for happier customers and less room for error.

Can Help Peers and Subordinates Find Their Place in the ITIL Lifecycle

In theory, the ITIL lifecycle is clear. There are multiple phases, and each connects to the next to create a circular, ongoing cycle. However, individuals may not also know exactly where they fit in that cycle. Furthermore, they may not know who to report to when incidents occur.

Part of OSA Certification is a complete and thorough understanding of the ITIL lifecycle as well as how each phase applies to their individual workplace. As a result, professionals with an OSA Certification will be able to help their peers and their subordinates understand and identify their specific places in the lifecycle.

Can Speed Up Response Times and Increase Customer Satisfaction

One of the best practical applications of an employee who has earned their OSA Certification is knowing that the individual has the resources, training and knowledge to speed up response times.

In IT service, response time is an important attribute. Many customers specify that response time is one of the key things they look for in a provider. A faster response time can increase customer satisfaction in a major way.

Ashford Global offers OSA Certification training courses for professionals who are ready to advance their ITIL knowledge and bring what they have learned back to the workplace.

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