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Maximizing the Benefits of ITIL® Training Online

Young people in the officeITIL®, or the information technology infrastructure library, is a set of best practices with the capability to increase workplace efficiency, reduce operating expenses and increase customer satisfaction. One of the impediments to ITIL implementation, however, is organizing onsite training that can fit in with the schedules of all employees.

As an alternative, ITIL training online offers the same curriculum, excellent trainers and the chance for participants to tune in from their choice of location. If your company is considering ITIL training, discover how to make the most of online training courses.

Enroll Employees From Across the Globe

One of the ways to maximize the benefit of an online ITIL training program is to enroll participants from all locations. You don’t need to limit course participants to those who are in the same office or even the same city. Live streaming of lectures allows for virtual participation no matter where the participant is located, which can bring together staff from multiple offices.

You only need to organize one training program, but employees working in different locations can all benefit simultaneously. It can also keep implementation on the same schedule across several branches or office locations.

Schedule the Training for a Less Busy Time

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make when it comes to ITIL training is scheduling an online course for a very busy time of the year. Participants shouldn’t be distracted from learning as much as possible by the burden of upcoming deadlines or lots of customer complaints. If you typically have a busy time of year in your particular business, it would be a mistake to schedule training during that window.

Similarly, try to avoid online or in-person training during a day of the week where employees are already stretched thin. Employees might act like they can handle the double workload of training and daily tasks, but it will often lead to paying less attention during training and absorbing less information as a result.

Offer Introductory Materials to Participants in Advance

To maximize the benefits of ITIL online training, employers should provide course participants with basic materials to introduce them to the course curriculum. These basics could include terminology and definitions for common terms, a basic structure explaining the five phases of the lifecycle or even just a working definition of ITIL.

By browsing these materials before the course officially starts, participants will be better informed and ready to absorb more information right from the very beginning.

Choose the Right ITIL Program for the Group

ITIL training comes in many forms, which allows students to enroll in the program best suited to their past studies, experience and area of employment. To maximize what participants learn, companies should take care to choose the right program for the group.

For a quick introduction that lasts a day, ITIL Awareness might be best. A more in-depth but still introductory program is ITIL Foundation. More advanced courses could include Service Design, Operational Support and Analysis or Certified Process Design Engineer training.

Whether for a small group of executives or as a company-wide introductory program, ITIL training online can make a big difference. These tips will ensure that your business benefits as much as possible from ITIL training in an online format.

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