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Making Sense of ITSM with ITIL® Awareness Training

ITIL AwarenessOne major problem for corporate training managers involves the need to impart vital knowledge without wasting time or resources. For instance, your bosses are unlikely to approve an expensive course of training if you can’t prove that it will actually help your staff gain skills that translate to increased revenues.

When it comes to adopting complex ITSM frameworks, like ITIL®, things are no different. You’re going to have to conduct training in a comprehensive fashion that establishes a knowledge baseline from which further benefits can be understood and pursued. An ITIL Awareness course is a great way to bridge the knowledge gap and convince decision makers of the importance of further professional education.

The Problem with ITSM

Although it includes numerous frameworks and management standards in addition to ITIL, ITSM is still a foreign concept to many corporate decision makers. These managers and CEOs know that they’d like to improve the way their IT departments communicate with their accounting staff, but they’re afraid to reach into specialized areas they don’t understand and make sudden changes. This presents numerous problems for the typical training manager.

It may prove extremely difficult to convince your boss that ITIL training is necessary if they have no clue what ITSM or ITIL is or how professionals use it. Awareness courses play a vital role by introducing such individuals to essential concepts and their potential applications. Even if your firm decides to adopt an alternate ITSM framework, gaining some basic familiarity with the general concepts will help you make a smarter decision.

Standing on Common Ground

It’s rare for the members of any workforce to possess homogeneous skills. For instance, even if you happen to have multiple employees who already earned ITIL Certifications, the broad nature of the framework generally means that they’ll have approached it from different angles.

The ITIL Awareness course ensures that everyone at least starts out with the same general understanding. This class is designed to serve as a primer on essential ITSM concepts; it helps firms discover the value of adopting a framework and some of the steps involved in doing so.

While it’s almost certain that individual workers will pursue certifications in their own fashion and choose unique areas of focus, the fact that they were introduced to the ITIL concepts as part of a team may allow them to coordinate their professional skill acquisition to the benefit of the overall corporate mission.

Training Upper-Level Management

Don’t be afraid to educate your superiors as well as those who report to you. Business executives who learn the powerful potential of ITIL find it easier to leverage subsequent corporate training. Furthermore, the fact that they’re not completely in the dark about what’s going on and how it relates to their business goals makes it more likely that they’ll be able to communicate what they want to happen and actually direct IT staff effectively.

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