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Learn How to Prep for the ITIL® Foundation Exam

The ITIL® Foundation exam is the most popular entry-level certification, especially for people transitioning to information technology from another career. As the industry standard for Process, Service and Lifecycle Management for IT, the ITIL Foundation Certification offers many benefits and is recognized globally.

One factor for the certification’s popularity is that understanding what ITSM is about and how to organize, plan, develop, document, train, deliver, maintain/CSI is the solution to effective service management. If you don’t want your success to be “one-off”, and you’re looking for repeatable and sustainable processes that will still be in place many years later, ITIL is the answer.

Why Get Certified?

If you’ve done your homework when it comes to current IT certifications, you’ll notice that ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is at the top of many lists. There are many reasons for this. One is the worldwide recognition. An ITIL certification tells people the world over that an individual has a certain level of understanding. There’s no need to wonder if that person has the expertise to positively impact service delivery.

For instance, someone trained in ITIL best practices can use that knowledge to help reduce helpdesk traffic by implementing self-help sections on the organization’s website. Or the company may utilize ITIL guidelines to decide whether a particular task should be handled in-house or outsourced to a third-party.

Yet another reason to get certified or help your employees get certified is that ITIL can help the different units within your IT Department work together as one fully functioning, organized unit.

Fast-Track Your Growth

Did you know that the ITIL Credit System grants credits for other IT certifications called ITIL Complementary Qualifications? When a candidate completes a particular level of the ITIL examination, he or she is earns their certification and the associated credits. Each level of certification has its own requirements, all of which include earning a specific number of credits. This allows IT professionals to not only gain one certification, but to get a leg up on earning additional certifications.

Due to increasing complexity in the management of IT services many employers are demanding certification to ensure the proper experience in best practice methodology for IT management. These firms won’t hesitate to pay certified professionals higher salaries.

Do You Have What It Takes To Get Certified?

ITIL exams are provided at three levels: basic, practical and management. The actual certifications are managed by the ITIL Certification Management Board (ICMB), or administrations ITIL certification.

So, what exactly does it take to earn a certification? Let’s look at one in particular, the ITIL Foundation, to get an idea. This particular certification gives successful candidates two credits. It consists of forty multiple-choice questions. There are no prerequisites required to take this examination. The exam deals with key elements, concepts and terminology associated with ITIL service lifecycle management.

Prepping For The Exam

It’s important to realize that the exam is difficult and, at times, has a high failure rate. That’s why it is important to become familar with the exam objectives.

You can complete practice exam questions as part of your certification test preparation. You will want to ensure you have a strong working knowledge of the core principles and practices covered by the exam. If you are going to go it alone in preparing you can find apps, self-study guides, etc.

Many people increase their chance of success passage by receiving training from a recognized organization. These organizations often offer multiple training options that fit your specific needs and schedule.

ITIL Certification not only enhances your skill set, it also increases your job opportunities. If you are interested in attaining an ITIL Certification, contact Ashford Global IT (AGIT). Ashford Global has been helping individuals and businesses around the world attain certifications across a variety of IT areas.

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